Who is in Flowers Hat 2017?
August 18, 2017
September 5, 2017 is The Last Day for Early-Registration
September 4, 2017

What’s in the Events this Year?

How will we perform Turkey’s Most Enjoyable Beach Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament at Çeşme, Altinkum one of Turkey’s most beautiful Beaches at Dharma Beach Club on 23-24 September?

This year; for Flovers Hat 2017 is made lots of “Voluntary Participation Application” more than expected. We have not rejected anyone who wants to be a volunteer and very crowded team emerged.
Flovers Hat 2017 welcomes the participants with a volunteer team of 30 people. It was absolutely impossible to plan this organization without voluntary participation. First of all, we would like to thank all the volunteer team who love the festival, support, who are excited and will come to experience this with us and then the participants.
Let’s write it in your mind. The volunteer profiles we are looking for to add to the team are as follows: Dancer, Theater Actor, Masseur, Rhythm Master, Video / Drone Master.
As we announced last week, we shared the profiles of experienced players who participated in Flovers Hat 2017 throughout the week from our Instagram account and we will continue to share these. This year we have quite colorful participants from home and abroad.


Here are the details of the festival and events except Hat Tournament in Floats Hat 2017…

This year we have prepared as much fun, interactive, educational games and activities as possible for the frisbee lovers except for the line tournament. Now what we are going to explain is final so far and new ones can be added at any time.


You will always see the effect of the Indian touch on all games, events, tournaments, products and decorations.

Within the context of INDIA; The invitation we made for the Ultimate Frisbee India group did not go unanswered and Dear Darshan Jain, the Ultimate Frisbee player from India’s Airborne team, applied and came to be with us this year. He does not come empty and brings many clothes and accessories belonging to Indian cultures. You will be able to see these products at the Festival stand.


Before we talk about games and events, we would like to talk about the concept of “Fun Points” covering the entire tournament.


In order to encourage everyone in the festival to participate in the events and to be a partner in the festival’s entertainment, All participants will earn low or high entertainment scores from each event and game, depending on their participation and success rate. At the end of the tournament, we will also be awarded the Team with the most Fun Points, except for the 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and Sprit awards. This year, unlike last year, the viewers who won “Fun Points” will be rewarded individually like the players in the closing ceremony. In Flovers Hat 2017, all games and activities will be open to the audience, but some games will be limited.

For example; Everyone who participates in the workshops will have 1 entertainment point, and at the end of the workshop, those who are successful in applying will be given 3 more entertainment points. Everyone who participates in Frisbee games will score 1 point, winning 10 points, 5 points, 3 points. Clear information on entertainment scores will be announced before the festival day.



As with last year, more and more different secret missions will be given to each team again this year in order to increase the fun of the festival. Teams performing these fun tasks will earn fun points.



“Who Makes Tent-Trickshot?” and “How Many People Can Fit in a Tent?”

Opening Ceremony will be held on September 22, 2017 at 21:00 on Friday evening. The ceremony will eventually be drawn up and we will look for answers to these questions immediately after.



Friday evening opening ceremony, draw and tent games will be followed by Kan Jam and SpikeBall tournaments. Players who want to participate can print their names with 2-person teams, and the players of the winning teams will earn entertainment points for their line tournament team.




In the middle of Saturday we will play 4 different frisbee games. I’ve heard the games before, but let’s talk about it again shortly.

There are two new frisbee games that are included in the activity this year. Disk In The Sky and Disc Wind Throw.

These two games that we played and enjoyed the most in “Ultimate Frisbee İzmir” meetings, so we want to add it to the festival program and share and play these games with the participants from outside the city. (The other two frisbee games we play in İzmir are Disc Golf and DDC this year but there are different ideas about these games for next year … 🙂 )

Last year we had a lot of interest in Limbo Layout and this year we have also updated this game. We will setup this game in the sea so we could all safely jump and make nice layouts. This year, we will also set up a jury team to score this game as artistic.

Another of our games is Discathlon. We swim to disc, then we run after it and finally hit the targets. The update to this game is to increase the sea check points and bring the targets to the appropriate distance. There will also be a total of 3 ultimate discs in the target shooting area.

Also be prepared to meet with Holi Fest dyes at Discathlon check points within the context of INDIA this year. :))



A lot of fun and instructive workshops were organized by volunteer team to make you enjoy your time between Saturday and noon. Now let’s look at these things in the workshops.

BATIK PAINTING/ TIE DYE: We planned a practical batik-style dyeing workshop where you could use a white shirt or a white fabric (scarf) that you can bring with you or buy from our stand. By using different techniques to be shown and illustrated in the workshop, you will have a batik painted product that reflects your own colors and style.

INDIAN HENNA: Our volunteers, who have the ability to design and draw, will be tattooed on the hands or bodies of people who wish for a small price.

MANDALA: In Hinduism and Buddhism, the symbols used for ritual and meditation purposes, which are thought to symbolize the structure of the universe, are called Mandala. Mandala means simply ‘hoop’ in Sanskrit. “But I can not draw it!” do not say. The only soul and color you need in the Mandala Workshop. By learning how Mandala cuddles, you can look into the depths of your soul, connect with your feelings, increase your awareness and concentration. Let this discovery and subconscious spoke by your soul tell you your story!

HOLI FEST POWDERS: During the festival, you can see Holi Fest paints in many of the matches and matches that you will face in your team bag.

KEN-DAMA: This year we will meet a different toy called Ken-Dama at our festival. Our volunteers who will show us how to play with this toy will be with us during the festival and will give an initial training to those interested in the atelier time.

FREESTYLE FRISBEE: Interest will be given to basic information about freestyle frisbee, the beginning exercises will be narrated and applications will be made by mutual disc. After the applications that increase the control ability on the disc, we think that each participant will have a new frisbee talent and a new point of view.



There is a massage lodge on site but we have not found a masseur yet, but we plan to offer you this service as soon as we find it. We can not find it because we don’t look much, but we’ll find it. We write it so you know it.



Flovers Hat’s indispensable activity will be realized by our beloved Berrin Alpinar, who is experienced and knowledgeable in this regard, on Saturdays and Sundays, at sunset and at sunrise, on the beach all day, we will stretch our tired bodies and calm our minds.


And the most important issue :))


This year we have dreamed of an incredibly interactive and wonderful Ultimate Party for you. This year the most important issue at the party will be a Performance Stage. Who will be on this performance scene? Sure you will!

We have found and believed that among the talented young and child-hearted people who love to pursue Frisbee, we can find people who share their heart with us, who want to express themselves in a different way, and who have the courage to take the hand microphone. Considering what is written on the registration form and the talents of the volunteer team, we have many friends among us who can sing, dance, play, even magic or play an instrument. It is quite time for you to imagine yourself on stage and prepare a performance for us. Start working without losing time!

In Flovers Hat 2017 we present this interactive and entertaining platform to you because we hope you will show your talent and experience the excitement of the stage and share it with us (of course prepared and programmed). An announcement will be made in the coming days about the Performance Stage and detailed information will be provided about the demonstration from the participants who want to take the stage.

Note: We do not have an incredible show / performance expectation in this scene, we just want to find something intimate from the heart.

After the Performance Stage is over, the party will continue in the DJ music concert. Participants and those volunteers who want to pass to the cabinet are notified of these requests, but we can still assess everyone’s involvement and opinion. You can also prepare the set and share it with us!

There are also some additional games and events planned during the Ultimate Party. These games are shaped by requests from participants. We also expect your ideas and contributions.

DISC RING: It’s a game in which the competitors try to survive in a ring, without falling down the discs in their hands, and try to drop it by hitting the rival’s disc. We will play Disc Ring, which we know from last year, during the party this year. This game will continue throughout the night until there is no new opponent who will face the victim in the ring.

TWISTER: Twister will be a fun party game for those who want to play during the party.

BEER PONG: Beer Pong is an indispensable game of Ultimate Parties at the same time as the rival lock-up game at the same time consumes the cups of the opponent by shooting with the pin pon ball to the cups arranged on the table.


On Sunday, you are sure that everyone will stay from the evening, so a calmer market schedule will be waiting for us on Saturday. It will be a market day where we can chat all day, enter the sea, throw a disc, play beach ultimate, watch the final and semifinal encounters.


We wanted to have a desktop game at the festival, and recently we chose DIXIT‘i, the desktop game that impressed us the most. Those who find time can play this entertaining game that develops your imagination, is questionable and has received awards.

The Closing Ceremony and the Award Ceremony will be held after the matches.



We will play together after the award ceremony game mingle mingle miiingle, mingle mingle miiingle…

Yes, Flovers Hat 2017 ends here :/

What are you waiting for? Register now!


As a volunteer team, we expect a total of 120 players and 50 audience members to attend the festival. It is our pleasure to fill this cottage; If you want to increase awareness of the ultimate frisbee and support its expansion, share this activity with the people have not met yet with ultimate and you consider appropriate, and support us.

Finally; All volunteers are working hard in order to organize this event and to do the best we can do on the conditions we are in. If you are interested in joining, you should register immediately, if you filled the form, please complete the approval process. So we can complete the necessary preparations according to the total number of participants to order food and drinks, jerseys, bracelets, awards, medals … and be ready for the festival.

We look forward to deciding whether to participate or not and complete the registration process by August 31st * at the latest.

*Due to the holidays, EFT orders can be delivered to us in a timely manner so that we will not suffer anybody who deals with this issue. For players after 31 August, late participation will start and participation fee will increase. Remember! The date of registration is the date of receipt of your participation fee.

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