Frequently asked Questions

You can ask us any questions you have about the organization.

1Can I come as an audience?
To participate as a viewer, you must use the Audience Engagement Form below.
2Is there a cancellation of the tournament?
We have reached the minimum number of participants we need for the tournament to take place, and there is no possibility of any cancellation on these terms. Please be comfortable in this regard. There is no cancellation of the tournament!
3Transfer / EFT How to Transfer Participation Cost Without Paying Tournament?
We discussed the answer to this question in detail in a blog post. Click here for step-by-step formal narration.
4Is there a shuttle service?
We do not have our service. Transportation can be provided from Çeşme bus station with minibuses or special vehicles. Participants have to reach the tournament area on their own.

If sufficient majority is provided in case of communication at the time of registration, this demand will be evaluated.

Click to see transportation information.
5Can I participate in the tournament even though I have never played frisbee before?
If you have not got any frisbee before, you can join the tournament. The warm people of us and the Ultimate Frisbee community will help you every step of the way.
6Will there be an Internet connection?
Unfortunately, there is no established internet connection.
7Can I get food and drink from the outside?
You can bring food and drink from the outside, but we are delighted if you do not overdo it.
8Are there any places I can fill my water if I bring my mattress?
During the time of the matches, there will be points where you can fill the moon. Do not forget to drink plenty of water;) Water, air, sand and fire free ...
9Are there discounts for children?
Of course we honor the cleanest energies of the world. No admission fee will be charged for children under 12 years old. Children's food and beverage fees will be covered by their parents.
10Are the games and workshops at the event paid?
During the event all the workshops and games are free of charge to tournament participants and even some are awarded. Enjoy :)
11Are there any other places I can eat in the neighborhood?
There are other facilities of the same kind around here, but we do not know if they will serve at the season. If you have special requests, you can reach the city center within 15 minutes by car.
12Can I always find food?
The kitchen of the facility will be allocated for us and we will be able to enter the desired time and prepare something. You can find help and volunteer help from the volunteers.
13Do I have to wear bracelets during the tournament?
You must wear your wristband during the tournament to take advantage of the tournament's activities, eat and cut menu.

Tournament Participation Terms

Rules Regarding Attestation of Participants

  1. Everyone who participates in the organization must comply with all the laws and regulations stipulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.
  2. It is forbidden to bring any kind of drugs and stimulant substances in the field of organization.
  3. Participants of small children of 18 years must attend with the attendance of their parents.
  4. The participant who has made the payment has the right to cancel the application until 15.09.2017. There will be no refund after this date.

Tournament Official Registration Form

The official registration process for Flovers Hat 2017 has ended. Thank you for your interest