Flovers Hat 2017 Official Registration Process Begins!

Flovers Hat 2017 pre-registered number of players exceeded 💯
July 19, 2017
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August 9, 2017

Flovers Hat 2017 Official Registration Process Begins!

Flovers Hat 2017 which will take place between 23-24 September at Çeşme, Altinkum, Dharma Beach, will be back again with many innovations and surprises this year.

There are some innovations and changes in the festival air tournament that we aim to make for you this year according to the last year. Now we want to share them with you in turn.

The first thing you should know and we want to announce is that Flovers Hat will be shaped and prepared around a different theme every year, and now, the theme of Flovers Hat 2017 is:


During the Flovers Hat 2017, we will introduce our most impressive aspects of this rich, colorful and entertaining culture with music, dance and attire. We will constantly interact with you with the various games and workshops we have on the theme. So be ready to meet with colorful fabrics, batik and powder paints, Indian couture and hits this year at the festival!

It is very valuable to us that the participants contribute to this theme in their own perspective. We would like to share creative approaches and amusing attitude in the theme frame with everyone during the tournament. You can use the contact page to share your requests and valuable ideas with us.

Also this year we have reserved a free player quota of 12 players (one Indian for each team) to be able to include the Indian player in the tournament as a theme. We are planning to make announcements in this regard. At the World Beach Ultimate Championship we have the opportunity to play against Indian team and hopefully we will have the chance to play with some Indian Ultimate players like our national team.


The first detail that we will give different from the last one about the tournament is that we have 3 players this year. As we increased the number of pitches we were able to increase the number of players and we aimed to have a total of 12 teams and a tournament of 120 people.

The details of the tournament form and fixture were drafted in such a way that the SWISS DRAW match rules in the WFDF / Beach Ultimate standards will apply.

You can visit the tournament page for details about the fixture and format.


Flovers Hat 2017 will begin with “Registration and Settlement in Tents” at 18:00 on Friday, September 22nd and end with an “Award Ceremony” on Sunday, September 24 at 16:30. You can visit the tournament page for details about the program.

If we talk about the changes; Limbo Layout, which is one of the activities, has been removed from the program this year due to the disability of some of our friends. This year we will play Disc-Wind-Throw instead. We hope you will enjoy it as much as you can from Limbo Layout. You can find the details about the game here.

We also planned to organize a small tournament for the kan-jam we met last year. On Friday, after the competition is over, kan-jam tuning will start with the participation of 2 people from each team, and the winners will win their first entertainment points to their teams.


This year, unlike the last one, we will take the cuisine of the establishment – in order to be able to prepare delicious food that is suitable for your taste – we will take the dishes with our energy. Our aim is to try to prevent more money from your pocket than possible, except for the participation fee, which you pay for, and to provide you with the delicious food you need for your tired body by doing sports. But we would still like to say that we still need volunteers for it. You can click here for volunteer works and volunteer application details.

On Fridays, we will have “Welcome Gourmet Soup” on Friday, “Open Buffet Breakfast” on Saturday and Sunday morning, and Saturday evening dinner service. We also plan to feed the participants’ bellies with easy meals during the day. If you want to prepare your own mouth-watering food, we can take you to the kitchen.

Bar service will be provided by the persons to be allocated by Dharma Beach Club.

For more information on eating / drinking, click here.

Note: There are no prohibitions / restrictions on food and beverages to be brought from outside this year. If you do not overdo it, you will not have to worry about your food and drinks.


The accommodation will be on the sand, under the stars, in your own tent, like last year. So we expect you to bring your own tent. If you do not have a tent or you can not bring it, you should report it to us.

Tent needs will be provided for an additional fee.


This year the participation fee for a player was determined as 40€, and we expect the participants to register by 1 September 2017 at the latest. The late registration period will begin between September 1st and September 15th, and the late registration ticket price is set at 45€.

For participants who will not participate in the tour but want to be a spectator, the participation fee is determined as 30€. This fee includes everything except package, tournament participation and team frisbee games participation.

As you know, a pre-registration process has been completed in order to be able to measure potential by July 7th. First of all, we would like to thank everyone who showed interest and pre-registered. We have exceeded our capacity for 120 people.

With this announcement, the formal registration process has begun. Registration priorities will be provided for pre-registered participants by 7 August 2017. As of August 8, all records will be opened and the registration process will end on August 31, 2017.

Until a second announcement is made during the registration period – we plan to protect the quota of 48 female players in order to have 4 female players in each team. So the female player quota is filled up to 120 – 48 = 72 male players are bound. After the male player capacity is full, we will get the male players to register on the waiting list.

Between September 1 and September 15, there will be a late registration period within limits.

Any payment made by participants whose application has been canceled or not approved will be returned to him uninterruptedly. We would also like to mention that we are not returning for approved participants after September 15, except on special occasions.

Thank you for your interest, we wish you good fun.

Flovers Team

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