Kan Jam
August 5, 2017
August 5, 2017

Spike Ball


Two teams are played with two teams consisting of individuals. A circular web is stretched and a plastic ball is found. For two sets of games, each team has a mutual perception of the net and the serving team takes the ball.


Slap the ball over the net as the opposing team can not afford it.


The serving team will shoot the ball to the net and starts the game. The opposing team try to slap the ball to the net after making a maximum of 2 passes. The ball snatches from the net and the other team tries to meet the ball and  continue the game.


The team that drops the ball to the ground loses points. If the ball jumps twice on the net, the team loses points who throws. Team players can not screen each other. In case of screening objection, the point is repeated. Players can not hold the ball, they have to slap.


If you’re wondering how is the game play and how it’s look, you can watch this video.


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