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August 5, 2017
August 5, 2017

Mingle Mingle


Anyone who joins the game within a certain area is collected. A director manages the game.


Everyone in the playground tries to find a partner when the music is down to make the announced posture.


After everyone is gathered on the playground, the game manager starts to sing the song mingle-mingle. Everybody dances for the duration of the song. The manager cuts the music and tells the name of a pre-determined posture that everyone knows. At least two people are required for each move. After the name of the posture is announced, the players find a partner and makes the posture. The person (s) who can not perform the posture remain exposed and sifted. The game continues until everyone is eliminated and two people remain. The last two win the game.


Everyone should move during the music. Permanent matching in the same place or same person should be avoided.


If you’re wondering how it’s look, you can watch the video.

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