Disc Ring
August 5, 2017
Kan Jam
August 5, 2017

Limbo Layout


Each player competes in his name. The beach is stretched and tied between two long bamboo.


Jumping over the rope to keep the disc


The level of the rope is kept at the bottom and the participating players have to come in order to jump over the rope and hold the disc thrown at them. The player who can hold will go up to the top. In the upper spinning, the rope weights are increased. The last player continues this way until it is calmed down.


Each player has 3 trials per round. The player who has failed about 3 attempts is eliminated.


The game can be made more fun by putting a half fittnes ball or a small tramp that makes it easier to jump right in front of the rope. An inflatable pool can also be added to the back of the rope, or it can be done on the sea.

Those who wonder how you look can click here.

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