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Kan Jam


2 players with 2 players are separated. Two empty jam pans (such as the bucket that we know have a horizontal bi-hole) are placed at a distance of 15 meters from one another in an empty area. Two competitors pass each hive. The game is played on one disc.


The player who launches the game throws the disc into the remote hive. If the teammate at the other hive does not hit the disc chute or if it does not get into it, it tries to insert it into the hive by typing the disc. The team winning the full 21 points or succeeding to get inside the hole in the disc box wins.


The team that succeeds in inserting the disc into the hive – either by type or without – takes 3 points. The disc does not fit in the pocket, but if it hits the cowl directly, 2 points. The disc tipping strikes the end of the cow but if you do not get in, you earn 1 point.



The shooter makes the shot behind his own bucket. The player who plays can tribble to the disc, provided that it is behind the hood. Non-shooting team players expect the team to shoot. After the two team players have completed the shot, the other team goes through. The teams have to get exactly 21 points to win the match. The team that scored in the number 19 of the example had a score of 3 points (typed, the disc fired) and got a score of minus 22 points and 19 – 3 = 16 points.


If the starting team reaches 21 points and the opponent has a chance to make 21, the other team completes the shot. If both teams are 21, extension is played and single shot tours are played. In the round, the team with the first number of points wins the game. The game can also be forced to play with one hand and hold the beer in one hand. The sea version (splash) can be tried in the sea without waves.

The teams decide between themselves whether or not to make a hammer shot, or make a choice between the winner and the winner.

The teams consist of a woman and a male player.

You can check the details of the game at kan-jam’s official site:

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