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August 5, 2017
Fun Points
August 5, 2017

Flow Arts

We will have some hot show for you during the tournament events, and an instructor will be with us during the tournament and will have the chance to join beginner’s workshops to include this fun and healthy activity in their lives.

What is Flow Art?

Flow Art is the art of exhibiting physical disciplines in spirit and body integrity. Today, this branch of circus arts has a great contribution to the development of physical and mental skills;


The most known species as Flow Art can be listed as follows. Poi, Hula-Hoop, Balls, Diabolo, Staff, Devil Sticks …


It improves the fine and coarse motor system, improves hand and eye coordination, strengthens the reflexes, runs the right and left parts of the body equally. Equalities and balances on the two sides activate the cardiovascular system, improve posture, improve rhythm and timing, Improve concentration, gain self-confidence, provide spiritual balance and improve environmental awareness.

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