Spike Ball
August 5, 2017



Four players are divided into two teams of two players. Both teams stand at their own pace. There are 3 Ultimate Discs per team at the shooting point. (6 discs in total) Establish goals and check points. An executive person keeps the time.


To hit the targets at the end of the track after the sea and the beach racecourses is over.


Players receive a disc for each player. With the start sign, they throw their discs towards the first checkpoint in the sea. The person passing through the disc check point, moves to the other check point in the sea or on the beach.

The disc passes through all the check points and the player who hit the targets at the end of the track, finishes the turn. Then the teammate starts the tour. After he finishes the tour in the same way. As soon as the team completes the turn, wins the game.


Players will not be able to play with the disc. Each player on the team makes one round and one rolls the target. Players can run in the direction they want. The control points should be passed in order.


The teams will consist of a female and a male player and only two of each team will participate in the competition. A total of 3 discs will be shot at the shooting point.

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