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August 5, 2017
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August 5, 2017



A round shot area of approximately 4 m in diameter is drawn on the beach. Players who want to compete will line up near the shot area. A person in charge keeps a stopwatch to measure the duration.


The disco is to throw it against the wind and catch it again.


Participating players enter the shooting zone in turn and make a throw. The disc is played out and the stopwatch is run. The disc is stopped when the player touches the hand of the player again. The person who has managed to hold the disk for the longest time in the air and catch it wins the game.


Each player has 3 trials per round. About 3 trials, the player who does not hold the disc and fails is eliminated. If the player catches in the disc firing zone, the total time + 1 second is calculated as a bonus.


If you’re wondering how you look, you can watch the video.


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