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August 5, 2017
Limbo Layout
August 5, 2017

Disc Ring


It is played with two players. A ring of about 6×6 square meters is prepared. Audiences are lined up around the ring. Both players take one hand frieze and one hand a 1.5 liter pet bottle (which can be another material that will not hurt when hit).


The frisbee in the hand of the riveter is hit with the pet bottle to make it fall down.


The game begins with the judge throwing and the players move in the direction they want in the ring. On the one hand they defend their own diskin and on the other hand they try to diskin the competitor.


The player who scored the diskin of the opponent earns 1 point. The competitor who has reached 3 points wins the game. If two players fall to the side of the disk, the player who touches the ground later gets that point.


The players have to hold the disco on the hand from the disc concept as the outer face will be in the palm of your hand. The disco can not clench with conceal or limbs. The diskette can not lift up from the head. They can not hit bottles anywhere on their competitors. They can not get out of the ring.


A player who violates the rule will receive a strike. A player who receives two strikes is considered to have lost one point. The final game is played with 5 points. Women and men race separately.

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