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August 5, 2017

Disc in the Sky


Two people are selected from each team. All players are divided into two so that they are not in the same group with their teammates. The two groups take their places in the opposite two end-zones of the beach ultimate area. The director makes the first throw.


Jumping and grabbing the disk.


The disc is thrown in a straight and parallel manner from the air. To hold the disc all the players take positions and jump and try to grab the disc. The team of the player who skies the disc wins 1 point and tries to throw the disc to the other endzone in a way that his/her teammate can catch it.


Who catch the disc, he/she throws. The disc has to descend from the top to the endzone area (3-4 meters high). Directly throwing discs are not considered points.


Every catch is a point. The team win the game reaches 10 points in total.


The game consists of one male and one female actor from each team. Women and men compete in two different groups. You can watch the following video to give you an idea of ​​the diskinetic catching from the high.


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